Product Description

Optical fiber communication bundle pipe is a new type of communication pipeline, which can be combined according to the requirements of customers. Compared with the traditional silicon core pipe, it has the advantages of low cost, flexibility and high security.

Product Detail

1.Optical fiber communication bundle pipe introduction

      Optical fiber communication bundle pipe is a new kind of communication pipeline. It it widely used in Europe and America, becoming the fourth-generation product of communication pipeline. Based on customers’demands, provides the lowest investment cost, maximum flexibility and highest degree of safety to the developers.

      The material cost and construction cost of the line are much lower than traditionally used silicon core pipe.

      The mould structure is reasonable, easy to operate and has a good coating effect, and the number and arrangement of the microduct can be changed as needed.

      Various pipe specifications: φ5mm-φ16mm, microduct also can be assembled.

      Multi-hole cluster: 1 hole, 3 holes, 4 holes, 5 holes, 6 holes, 7 holes, 12 holes, 14 holes, 19 holes, 24 holes, etc.

2.Optical fiber communication bundle pipe details

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